ALUAKA is the only Stadship 54 AC.
She is made by a Dutch-Italian team.

The design process start in 2011, the bare hull arrive in end 2013 and in 15 months has be delivered.
A comment of the Designer can be found here.

We would like to have a pilot house yacht, where you can sleep during night watch, stay warmer in cold area.
We like the aft cockpit and lockers with large storage for all the equipment.
We like have a simple boat, safe, bare aluminum hull with 5 waterthigh compartment, bullet proof, able to support hard conditions more then a normal aluminium boat.
We like to have a fast  boat able to sail from light wind, easy to steer and able to tack and sail downwind as well.
We like to have a stiff boat, specially when at anchor (no rolling) and with limited heel angle.
We like to have a powerful sail plan, with several head sail, so we can decide easily and fast which one is better
We like to have a powerful engine, and double system as backup
We like open space interior, only 3 cabins and 2 toilette. Wood resistant to humidity, scratches, kids proof
We like what make life easy: insulation, good ventilation, mosquito screen, big tanks, watermaker, large house bank service, led lighting, easy access to the sea, smart system to release the dinghy, quick acces to engine room, solar panels, hydrogenerator and wind generator.


There are two sister-ship: Infinity,1 year older and with and advanced cockpit and Music, one year younger and bigger. Both are finished by K&M.
An interview can be found here, only in Italian.

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