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ALUAKA 54 AND AKA 56 Print
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Happy SAILING FOR THE 2015 - I guess you a good trade wind, a new set of sails and a new place where stay safely at anchor

1st DECEMBER 2014


I’m the worst blogger. I didn’t update the news page from this summer, but there is a reason. We work and push the business very hard.

Aluaka has been spray with about 75mm 40Kg/mc foam on the side and 50mm on deck. The pilot house has been done with Armaflex 30mm. The boat has become quite and colder during summer and warmer now. We had paint the superstructure only. It will be the only paint. We choose to make the pilot house in red, just to obtain a better visibility from others. Then we install some hardware like the anchor winch, the G70 Aqua 7 from Maggi 100m-diameter 10mm chain and the 2500W-24V anchor winch. The carpenters had start working last week of Aguste and they start assembly the panel quickly. The wood supplier  is Belloti and the wood finishing is ALPI, so we don’t lose time in varnish. At the moment we are at 70% of the interior. We spend a lot of time searching a good floor. On our past boat we had a nice rubber, cork finished. Now we choose a laminated wood, very hard, able to support scratches from shoes.

We define the mast with Sparcraft G&G rigging with Facnor continuous furling lines for asymmetrical spinnaker, code Zero, Jib,Staysail and FB mainsail 4 reefs.

We start to install the electronics NKE autopilot with true wind option, the same used on Class 40 and Imoca 60 and B&G Triton display with forward scan. After year of good relationship we left Raymarine.

Last week our friend Milan finish to weld some details as the ropes spool, 2 x 150m floating nylon ropes 24mm and 2 x 150m 12mm dynema. We are learning how to splice from our friend Gianka.

We also pass a lot of tinned cables from Anchor and Spencer Marine arriving sometime from Asap supplier.

We install the two Lavac toilet, one manual and one electrical +manual.

We start to play with the treadmaster that is now under CNC. We will glued on deck after using an eccentric tool to sand the plate, then we will use West System to glued it. We made a sample and we kept in the oven and in the deep fridge passing from -30°c to +60°c to see how reacts.

We installed the seals in silicone at 0.4Kg/mc density on all lokers.

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The Gianka's boat is totally different from Aluaka and is very nice too. Two different beauties!

The bottom are quite the same, Aka 56 has a deeper V in front and has a reverse transom. The keel is moderate longer. The engine is 75hp with sail drive, and there are “only” 4  WT bulkhead.

The Pilot House has several small windows with 6+7+6mm double glass.

AKA 56

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We wish a windy summer to all our customer around the 7 Oceans.

The Darwin 86-3 is now ready for the holiday. This big motoryacht cruise at 12Kn with the two Man D2876 331kW @1800rpm. The boat is very quite with no vibration and a average noise of 55-60dB, very low, thanks to the superior insulation.It took a month to get the boat ready and the yard spend a lot of time searching good supplier for the canvas and last extra equipment. Probably the boat will be in Cannes Boat Show.

Darwin 86-3

We have big  progress with the K&M Bestevaer 56 in Holland. The hull has been turned upright 2nd of July.
We had check the welding and assembly for the third time and visited the yard again and his beautiful yachts. We will see again the BV56 in the middle of September when will be almost finished with engine and hull grinded ready for delivery.
Here the owner photos blog http://alu56.blogspot.it/ where you can see our rendering and interior proposal

Bestevaer 56

The works of the Stadtship 54Ac are on progress in Zuanelli Shipyard, and after the summer the interior layout will take shape, finally we decide to use Alpikord laminates for superior resistance to scratches and sun. the wood panel will arrive already industrial varnished, so no loose of time during the assembly. The Antal deck gear is now installed, the electrical system is now at the 75% with all the  ducts and tinned cables by Ancor Marine. The Aqua 7 Maggi chain will shortly arrive and combined to the Rocna 55Kg will give us superior ground tackle capability. The bimini and all the metal work are finished. We had start to foam 100mm insulation Froth Pack 45Kg/cdm, except for the pilot house, where we prefer use Armaflex 35mm, to do a nicer and uniform job (but how long to get all the pieces in shape).We hope that the engine room insulation with Armasound will be faster!

Stadtship 54Ac

Patimar, our old proud boat, is back in the water from 1st of June and will sail in Greek Water with the new owner. I had to help him to make first sea trial, maneuvering, anchoring  and start the watermaker. It’s a little bit strange sailing her for the last time after 12 year, but we were lucky with a 10-12Kn wind we immediately reach 6.5kn

There’s a lot on interest in Aluminum yacht specially after several accident of yachts that loose the keel. A lot questions regarding shipyard and yachts like Boreal 44 or 47, Futuna, sistership of Seal (Ed Joy), Ovni, Atlantis Dujardin, Koopmans, Garcia. The questions are regarding the stability, the behavior, the insulation and sailing capacity.

On our desk there are some structural project,one for ar new composite 40' boat. The survey of Italia 998 Matteo Polli Yacht Design is almost finished, the boat will be ready end of July.We will see.

2014 A GOOD START Print
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First of all guys the news will be only in English from now.

I didn’t update the web site from September because we had several project on the way.

An explorer motor Vessel Darwin 86 N°3 for Cantiere delle Marche. I will responsible for the owner for the construction in Ancona. A huge three decks 26m steel and aluminum.


A Stadtship 54AC built by K&M Holland, now for interior joinery in Zuanelli yard, near Brescia. We are busy in design, modifications, plumbing and installation too. This boat will be a new house for a Family that will cruise all the Oceans.

A Bestevaer 56 like Anna and Tranquillo, built by K&M (Koi Makkum yachtbuilder) which I will survey during next months in Holland. We are designing the interior layout. The owner is an old customer of mine and an experienced sailor. The boat will probably sail to Alaska. Here below the customer looking to the famous design Bestevaer II by Gerard Dykstra

A new blog will start asap for aluminum yacht construction,  to give more answer to the  continues FAQ we receive.


We will be in the CONTROVENTO SAIL CLUB in Brescia, Via Berardo Maggi on March 21 at 9PM for a conference regarding HOW IT’S BUILT YOUR BOAT, What you have to look when your are going to buy a yacht?

Bruce Roberst offshore 44 For Sale Print

Bruce Roberts Offshore 44 Aluminium Cutter


It's been sold in less that 3 months by T.Y Broker www.tecnomar.net that found a new customer for our boat.

CAT R10-May 2013 Print

Paiardi splash a micro-cat buil in composite and oriented to Sail School for kids from 7 to 14 y old.

The Cat respect all the last America's Cup design, but has fix keels. The sail plan can be with main only or with a small jib to hel the tack. The mast is telescopic with 4.5m heigh. CNC model has been used to keep simmetrical shape, reverse bow and reverse sheerline. the boat is very light, able to help parents to fix it on the car top. The two hulls are jointed with a elastic carpet or hard fiberglas part, preffered from the scool


LOA  3m

Beam 1.6m

Main 5.6mq

Jib 0.83mq

Light Weight 50Kg

 CE design D

For 2 kids  50Kg each or  1 adult 75 Kg+ 1 kid 50Kg

TT 700 "SPLASH" Print

MARCH 2013

The new TT700 by  www.sam-yacht.it touch the Lake of Garda with a wind of 25Kn for fisrt Sea trail. The boat show is nice moder-classic look with a moderate chine hull and wide transom, twin rudders and lifting keel. The boat will be present at TUTTOVELA  Livorno Boat Show. The boat will be tested again from our staff for perfect tuning.

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